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Gdynia emblems

The Coat of Arms of Gdynia

herb Gdyni

The coat of arms of Gdynia is an image of two yellow-coloured fish in front of a white sword on a red shield. The white sword on the red shield is a reference to the ensign of the Polish Navy and expresses the courage of the inhabitants of Gdynia in defence of the Polish sea. The two fish - one turned to the West, the other to the East - are an indication of the maritime character of the city and are reminiscent of the former fishing village of Gdynia.
The coat of arms was designed by a Gdynia artist Leon Staniszewski. The design was the winner of the contest held in 1946 to establish the coat of arms of the city.

Gdynia coat of arms download

The Flag of Gdynia


The flag was established by the Gdynia City Council on 20 April, 1994. It is a sign representing Gdynia as a municipality.

The flag of Gdynia is a rectangular cloth, with the width-to-length ratio of 3:5. The flag, identical on both sides, is a horizontal bicolour: white and turquoise, symbolising the sky and the sea. The white stripe is 3 times wider than the turquoise one. The white field is charged with the coat of arms of Gdynia - its axis at 1/4 of the hoist-to-fly distance. The turquoise field has a narrow, horizontal, white stripe symbolising a breaker in its upper part.

The flag is flown on or in front of Gdynia City Hall buildings, in the venues of municipal sessions and on the occasion of city feasts, ceremonies and anniversaries.

The flag of Gdynia takes precedence during all municipal events in Gdynia and during national events hosted by Gdynia; also during municipal events held in Gdynia with international participation. In such situations the flag of Gdynia takes a place of honour or an equal one with the Polish national flag. The flag of Gdynia may not be displayed with the national flag of a foreign country.

The flag is raised or lowered after the Polish national flag. It should have a separate flagpole (does not apply to vessels). When flown together with other flags, it should be of equal size and should fly equally high. Only the Polish national flag may be flown at a greater height. During official days of mourning announced by the city authorities, the flags of Gdynia are flown at half-mast or are tied with a black ribbon.

The flag was designed by Józef Jezierski.

The use of the coat of arms and the flag is seen as a way of promoting the city, therefore the use of their images is free of charge, subject to a permit granted by the Mayor of Gdynia.

Upon a formal request, the Mayor of Gdynia, guided by the interest of the city, grants a permit for the use of the image of the flag and the coat of arms, in which the purpose and the way in which they are to be used are detailed. The coat of arms and the flag may be used in a duly respectful manner only if their respective shapes, proportions and colours are consistent with the designs specified in the statutes of the City of Gdynia.

Gdynia flag download

The Logo of Gdynia

logo miasta

The logo has been selected in a competition and has been used since January 2000. It is placed on promotional and publicity materials. The standard form of the logo consists of a navy-blue sail and an inscription: Gdynia (in navy blue) and My city (in orange).

Slight modifications of the logo, justified by the nature or the technicalities of the event, are allowed.

Gdynia logo download


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