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Żeromski's House

Address: 81-522 Gdynia, ul. Orłowska 6
Phone number: +48 601 290 245
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TowarzystwoPrzyjaciolOrlowa/
E-mail: towarzystwoprzyjaciolorlowa@wp.pl
Web address: https://orlowo.gdynia.pl/
Domek Żeromskiego widok budynku z zewnątrz

Żeromski’s House is a former fishing house from 1885, where Stefan Żeromski spent the whole summer in 1920. It is here that the novel "Wind from the Sea" was written. In the restored building, which today is the seat of the Society of Friends of Orłowo, you can see memorabilia related to the writer and his stay by the Baltic Sea - photographs, letters, documents and the oldest editions of his literary works. A commemorative plaque on the wall of the building is a reminder of Żeromski’s stay.

On the ground floor of the Żeromski’s House there is a cafe with a photo gallery "Orłowo and Gdynia in the 1920s" and on the first floor - the above-mentioned museum exhibition.

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