Cruise Gdynia

Enjoy the nighborhood


A city with an over one-thousand-year history, at one time one of the most important Hanseatic towns, today is world-wide known due to the outstandingly meaningful role it played in Europe’s recent history. Here the Solidarity movement was born, and a whole new Eastern Europe free from communist dominance emerged. People from all over the world come to visit the places where it had all began: the shipyard, Lech Walęsa’s flat, the European Solidarity Center.

Gdańsk is one of the oldest Polish cities with zero class historical monuments. Here one will find the oldest in Europe brick gothic cathedral – the St Mary’s Basilica; the Crane – one of the largest port cranes of Medieval Europe, the Neptune Fountain along with Długa Street where the wealthiest Gdańsk residents lived. Here each house has a story of its own. The Old City of Gdańsk is full of enchanting streets – Mariacka and Św. Ducha Streets – with  very typical for Gdańsk building elaborate, ornamented  facades. Gdańsk is also Westerplatte – the place where World War II began. Here on 1st of September 1939 first shots were fired. Today we have here a 25-meter high monument in memory of heroic defense of Poland.

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